Little Boy Does What the Democrats Won’t Do

Who knew that a little boy at the age of six has the bravery and respect enough to do what the Democrats refuse to do. This little boy by the name of Jace stood and saluted members of the military as they moved through the San Antonio International Airport. This little boy has enough respect for the people that serve this nation protecting the freedoms that he enjoys, so he salutes them as they passed by.

This is something that the dumb Democrats and the deranged AOC members cannot seem to do. They would rather shout and scream at the soldiers of America for doing their job rather than support them. Jace, is the name of the boy, was taught by his father, Joe, that respecting the military is the right thing to do. After all, they have given their lives to protect what the average citizen enjoys. They enjoy their freedom.

Jace’s photo and video have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people and it is expected to go into the millions as the people of America show their support for Jace and the military. The Democrats and the AOC seek to destroy the military from the inside out. They do not like the fact that the women and men that volunteer are keeping people safe from the threats that the Democrats and the AOC support. Jace is a fine example of what children should be taught from an early age. Jace’s parents have taught him to respect others and to love America. This is a lesson the wormy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs to learn. She would rather hate Americans and love the enemy.

Jace has the dream to be a Captain in the Army. The American dream that President Trump is seeking to rebuild is alive and well with little Jace. His dream is to be like the women and men that serve America and make the nation great. Jace is an example of the hopes and dreams of every child. He loves to play sports and play video games. But he knows when to stop and give honor to whom honor is due.

The Democrats would rather hold back funding from projects that the military needs to support and protect America. They protect us from southern threats and enemies all around the world. But the Democrats would rather see the nation fall into the hands of the Islamic state, and they would rather see their selfish ideology promoted as they rule as kings and queens from Washington.

Jace’s original intent was to just surprise his father as he returned home from being away. Boy did his father get a proud daddy moment when his little boy demonstrated to the world the values that have been instilled in him. The dumb Democrats want people to believe that parents cannot teach their children good morals and respect. The lazy Democrats want people to believe that the government should be raising kids rather than their parents.

This example of good parenting and training only shows to prove how wrong the demonic Democrats are about their role in family life. Jace did not have to be told what to do when he saw the sailors. He simply held his arm up in salute fashion and honored those that were serving.

This little act of patriotism is largely being ignored by Democrats because he is doing what they fail to do every day. They have been embarrassed by the actions of one little boy that took time out of his busy day to honor those that love America. Jace is the reason why America is great and continues to be a source of hope and strength for those that give so much for the country.

Jace’s father mentioned that his salute is setting off a firestorm of support as he stated “A couple of companies have reached out to us and some other people just reached out to my wife. They want to use his picture in the airport somewhere in Florida. A couple of locally owned veteran companies who do shirts, that’s locally owned and operated, they’re going to do a couple of shirts with him.”