Scandals with Food Stamps

All across America, there are people who love to steal from taxpayers who put into government programs such as Food Stamps.  These programs were meant for people going through hard times.  People who lost their jobs, single parents, the disabled and the elderly, who do not make enough on their Social Security are the ones who are entitled.

Many people would say the Democrats are stupid for allowing this to happen, in which, they are.  But criminal wise they are not as dumb as they make themselves out to be.  They have knowingly, allowed for decades, these criminal acts of theft to go on.  Everyone is sick of our tax dollars going to fund “lazy Liberals.”

SNAP is a great program which allows folks with hard times to cope with their situation without the fear of starving to death.  Democrats have allowed this program to furnish for the lazy bastards who choose not to work and sponge off of those who make an honest living.

Sometimes, it is not just the ordinary lazy bum who collects off of the merits of others.  Crooked and Liberal, store owners are cashing in through fraud as well.  One of the biggest fraudulent cases in the history of America came out of Florida where twelve people were running an illegal food stamp reign, which was stolen from people like you and me of over $20 million.

According to the Justice Department, this was the worst case they dealt with.

Federal prosecutors told journalists and reporters the twelve individuals were charged with wire fraud, food stamp fraud, and the conspiracy to commit wire fraud while they stole from $20 million from the federal government.

Wait a minute, who is the “original” government again?  That’s right, “We the People!”

Karen Citizen-Wilcox, who was the special agent in charge, U.S. Department of Agriculture-Office of the Inspector General stated how the fraudulent act took place, “These retailers created an illegal benefits exchange system that defrauded the American taxpayer and denied healthy foods to needy children and their families. The store owners who allegedly orchestrated this trafficking scheme pocketed millions in ‘fees’ which they charged for converting food assistance benefits into cash.”

Eight convenience stores in the Southern area of Florida were involved.

According to Breitbart, more information was added on how the action took place, “Some of the defendants owned, operated, or worked at retailers who accepted Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits as payment. Others worked at unauthorized stores, but allegedly used point-of-sale terminals of authorized retailers to carry out the fraudulent transactions.”

One of the store owners was involved with over half of the fraud coming in with over $10 million on the criminal act.  Andy Herrera and his father were the owners of Santa Ana Market II.  The fraudulent acts took place from April 2012 to September 2017.

If anyone notices the timeline on this notorious Democratic allowed scheme, President Obama, the worst Democrat in history, was the president at the time of the conceptions and reigning.

President Trump put a stop around that time frame to all the fraud acts from the lazy liberal bums and people who stole from the SNAP programs along with other federal assistant funds.  He made it to where people who needed the funds could get it provided they could prove they were on the program for the proper reasons.

The president’s actions stopped the majority of the fraud cases by making it more difficult to get on and stay on the programs.

Fines for store owners who commit food stamp fraud are not lenient.  The fines are steep, the prison sentences are long and hard, and in most cases, the store owner will have to pay restitution.  One store owner was recorded as the lesser of the sentences from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who had a few months sentence for $1.2 million in food stamp fraud.

Another in Kentucky had a 66-month prison sentence for $409,000 in food stamp fraud.  The last one, from Baltimore, Maryland received a four-year prison sentence for $3.7 million worth of food stamp fraud, plus he had to pay restitution.

There is a reason they call Democrats, Liberals, and Republicans, Conservatives.

Liberals will always find a way for people who are undeserving to milk the systems dry and abuse it.

Look how long it took for the conspiracy to get unveiled while a Democrat was in office.  Conservatives will always find a way to pull back the reigns and make proper budgets.  Case closed!