Study: Illegal Aliens Rape Children at Staggering Rates

Despite the present-day narrative that every illegal alien crossing the US-Mexico border is a hardworking saint who is more patriotic and law-abiding than you are, Americans are being subjected to a massive Third World crime rate. You’d think that Washington, DC would have picked up on the frustration of American citizens on this issue. We elected Donald Trump as president in 2016 after all. But to this day, researching the crime rates of illegal aliens in the US is still a task on par with uncovering the sealed Kennedy assassination files. We’re not allowed to know the crime rates of the people our government is importing and forcing on our cities.

If Americans knew the truth, they would undoubtedly revolt. But state and federal agencies and the media go out of their way to cover up the immigration status of criminals. Government agencies that are able to track the number of households in America that still don’t have high speed internet access, or the number of minutes that it takes employees to commute to work in Puerto Rico, are unable to even give us a ballpark figure when it comes to the number of illegal aliens incarcerated in American prisons.

We have to do the work ourselves if we want to find out just how badly Americans are being victimized by illegal aliens. Fortunately, the group NC-FIRE (North Carolinians for Immigration Reform) is a nonprofit group that does track one devastating illegal alien-on-Americans crime every month. The group tallies the number of illegal aliens arrested child rape in North Carolina. While we are unable to figure out exact national figures due to the government’s unwillingness to talk about illegal alien crime rates, the work of NC-FIRE does allow us to make do some statistical analysis and come up with some ballpark figures.

The media frequently asserts that the Catholic church abuse scandal is the single worst crime against children that has ever happened. This is done to cover up for other media constituent groups which are much worse. For example, one demographic which molests children in America at a rate much higher than Catholic priests is public school teachers. (When was the last time you saw a news story about that protected liberal interest group and its treatment of children?) This is not to downplay the Catholic church scandal – we’re only pointing out that there are far worse groups that never seem to get any scrutiny.

If you think the Catholic church and public schoolteacher child rape rates are bad, brace yourself. The rates of child rape by Third World immigrants are an order of magnitude larger.
According to NC-FIRE, North Carolina police arrest an average of 34 illegal aliens every single month on an average of 151 cases of child sexual assault. That statistic has held steady for the past four-and-a-half years, and it only considers the one-third North Carolina counties where reporting data is available. The actual number of illegal aliens arrested statewide for child rape in North Carolina could be over 100 per month.

If we use the lower number of 34 arrests per month as a baseline, it works out to 1,700 illegal aliens raped in the United States every month for an estimated average of 7,550 sex crimes against children. Annually, that works out to a statistical estimate of 20,400 illegal aliens arrested for child rape on 90,600 separate charges.
A spokesman for NC-FIRE also notes that only 12 percent of child rape cases are actually reported to the police, so numbers could, in fact, be 10 times higher. That would put the total number of illegal aliens arrested for child rape every year at more than 200,000. The illegals often molest more than one child before they’re caught, so the number of victims quickly becomes staggering to even think about.

The media huffs and puffs when an archdiocese is caught shielding a pedophile priest that raped 100 children over a 30-year period (a rate of about 3 children per year). That’s fine – they should huff and puff about it. But you’d think that another demographic that could be molesting 200,000 kids a year deserves some airtime as well. This is why the American people are so furious with Congress. They refuse to build a wall on the southern border, despite a majority of the American people asking for one since the days of the Mexican Revolution in 1910. And not even 200,000 totally preventable annual child rapes is enough to dissuade Congress from this position.