United States Border Agents Take Charge

The one thing that every person agrees with is that the conditions at the border are terrible. The righteous Republicans and the President wanted to fix the problems years ago, but the dumb Democrats dragged their feet in the House and never provided the funding to solve the issues. The deceptive Democrats want everyone to believe that they are the ones solving the issues, but the truth is they are the cause of the problems.

ICE and all the other border agents are heroes and need to be treated as heroes. When the loony Democrats fail to care, the agents themselves are taking matters into their own hands. A few border agents have taken it upon themselves to provide toys and dolls to the children being kept in the centers. And yet another agent, who serves as a doctor, has been treating the children there like they are his own kids.

He has stated “I’m a doctor and a parent. I’m very comfortable in my own skin, and I would do for these folks what I would want to be done for my own children. I take care of everyone in our care like I would want my own children taken care of.” These are not the rough and torturous agents that Ocasio-Cortez and her terrorist group the AOC would like everyone to believe they are.

These are compassionate people that are doing a job that they are being asked to do in the most horrible circumstances. One official in the Department of Homeland Security has stated: “The medical has been good so far and I’m proud of what we’ve done.” The doctors and nurses that treat the people coming across the border are engaging diseases that most American’s do not have to deal with. They treat people in creative ways because of the lack of funding that is urgently needed in order to provide the quality care the people need.

One doctor has said that the care they provide is “absolutely and unequivocally inadequate” because of the Democrats lack of funding to the border. The doctors love their patients and want them to have the best care, but they need money to make it really happen. Love can only go so far, money has to provide the medicine to see the cure. The money living Democrats would rather see their own pockets lined with the cash instead of using it for the benefit of suffering people.

Each migrant is taken through a health questionnaire to see what kind of medical problems or needs that they have. They are checked for viral infections and other diseases that could potentially harm people around them. Children receive the care that the doctors own kids would receive because he cares for people that much. This doctor has set a standard that the dumb Democrats should follow. He loves people no matter where they come from. The Democrats would rather fake love people and dump them when they get what they need out of them.

The President has put himself in the cross-hairs of the Democrats on more than one occasion for the benefit of the country. He is not afraid of the accusations he may receive for taking a stand for what is right. It is time for the money-loving Democrats to do the right thing and stop playing politics with the lives of people. These are real humans that have died because the Democrats have gone out of their way to stop any aid from reaching the needy. These are not people that the American population wants to have running their country.

The White House and the Republicans in the Senate and the House have tried many ways to get the money and support for the Democratic-controlled House in an all-out attempt to solve the border issue. The diva Democrats would rather pose for pictures at the border to show that they care instead of showing they care through action. Deception and deceit are the ways of the Democratic Party, and they cannot be trusted at all.